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My Wishlist is a universal wishlist. You can add gifts from all webshops, including:


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Creating an online wishlist is a great idea for any occasion.

  • Guests will be happy to have suggestions.
  • You'll receive the gifts you actually want.
  • No double gifts, because family & friends reserve their gifts.

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  Frequently asked questions

What is My Wishlist?
On My Wishlist you can create an online wishlist. Easy and free.
How do I create a wishlist?
After registering, your wishlist is created immediately. You can then start adding items.
How do I add an item to my wishlist?
Either use our Gift Ideas, or add the item yourself using the "New item" button at the top your wishlist.
Which webshops are supported?
My Wishlist is a universal wishlist. You can add items from all webshops.
What is reserving?
The people you send your wishlist to, can reserve the item they want to give. This makes it clear for all others that the item is already being given. And you won't get any double gifts.

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There are currently over 6,000,000 gifts on wishlists! 🤩

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