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You can set up exclusions to prevent certain people from drawing each other.


Send the group link via WhatsApp or email. Each participant can view their drawn name online.

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  Frequently asked questions

How do I organize a Secret Santa?
In three simple steps:
  1. Enter the names of all participants
  2. Set up any exclusions (optional)
  3. Send the group link to all participants.
Can I set up exclusions?

Yes. By setting up exclusions, you can prevent a participant from drawing a specific name. This is a useful feature if e.g. partners should not be able to draw each other.

You can create one-way exclusions and two-way (mutual) exclusions. Here are some examples:

  • Alice cannot draw Bob. (One-way exclusion.)
  • Bob cannot draw Charlie and vice versa. (Two-way exclusion.)

Setting up exclusions is completely optional.

How do the drawn names get sent?

The organizer of the Secret Santa sends the group link to all participants. The group link can be sent in a variety of ways, including email and chat (WhatsApp).

Each participant clicks the link, verifies their name and email, and receives a personal link to view their drawn name.

Can participants create a wishlist?

Yes! When viewing their drawn name, participants will have the option to create a wishlist.

The participant's Secret Santa will be able to view their wishlist automatically.

Creating a wishlist is completely optional.

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  Wishlist included*

Each participant can create an online wishlist:

  • Add items from any store
  • Help your Secret Santa find the perfect gift
  • Your Secret Santa can view your wishlist automatically

* Creating a wishlist is optional.

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