QT CATs wishlist

Hi everyone, we have created a wishlist of much needed products we need here at QT CATs to foster kitties, take them to the vet, and provide food and medical support to cats and their owners. Every donation is HUGELY appreciated by our local kitties!

By QT CATs. Updated 3 years ago.

Cage Trap - Pro Version
Petzone Pet Cage Black Large
Petscene Multi-Tier Cat Cage Portable Pet Enclosure Wire Crate with 6 Wheels
1080P Waterproof Night Vision Wildlife Camera
Pawise: Cat Gift Box - 4 IN 1
Pawise: Pet Bed - with Paws/Brown/Coffee
Petzone Cat Cubby 2 In 1
Petzone Snuggle Bed with Attached Blanket
Petzone Round Bed Plant Print Small
Petzone Fleece Pillow Bed Grey Stripes Check Print
Petzone Round Fleece Pet Bed 60cm Grey
Pawise: Ready Go
Interactive Intelligence Cat Tower
Petzone Spinning Mouse Cat Toy
Petzone Cat Scratcher Wedge with Feather Wand
Petzone Cat Tree With Cave
Petzone Cat Scratching Pole With 2 Hanging Balls
Petzone Cat Tunnel With Stripes
Pawise: Cat Wand - 45cm
Petzone Cat Toy Large Pack
Petzone Cat Toy Mice Assorted 3 Pack
Petzone Cat Toy Assorted
Millians Cat Litter Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Ink-Free 24L
Temptations Mix Ups Cat Treats Chicken Catnip & Cheddar Mega Pack 180g
Whiskas Kitten with Chicken 85gm x 12pk Pouch
Whiskas Kitten Wet Cat Food with Beef in Gravy 12 X 85g Pouches
Whiskas Adult Wet Cat Food with Chicken in Gravy 12 X 85g Pouches
Whiskas Adult Wet Cat Food Mixed Favourites in Gravy 12 X 85g Pouches
Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food Seafood Selections 2kg
Whiskas Kitten Dry Cat Food with Chicken 1.5kg Bag
Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food Meaty Selections 4kg Bag
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